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A Crown For My Waist: A Client Reflection on Her Waistbead Journey

"I have been wearing Alaiyo Waistbeads for three months and can truly say it was not a casual meeting, but a divine appointment. I locked eyes with Jasai from a distance, unaware of what was about to take place, and was drawn to her. Our spirits and energy connected. It is not often that you meet someone who knows EXACTLY who they are, what they want, and what their purpose is and I knew she did when I saw her. I wanted to share in that space of knowing who I was, and what I wanted, because I have known my purpose for years.   

I literally danced my lil curious self over to her table to see what she was offering. She sat there in her Queendom; whole, aware, authentic, with a quiet strength, loving heart and healing hands, ready to show me the tools I needed to be mindful and intentional. I picked out three strands knowing I'd be back for more in the future and went on my merry way. 

When selecting my initial strands, I asked for something I wasn't ready for and the truth of that manifested shortly after she tied them on. I showed up for a second time at her studio to get that strand "corrected" and got the read of my life. I sat there vulnerable, exposed, finally facing a reality I had viewed with scaled eyes. I cried as she guided me through the pain with her gentleness. I had been set free from the chains that bound me for over 10 years by a stranger. I left that day with a different strand to go with the two I already had. That was the catalyst for the communication and healing that needed to take place with multiple people in my life, including my mother. Since then, I have added 2 more strands and love all 5; I like to think of them as the crown of my waist. 

So here I stand, in my Queendom. Flawed & fabulous. Confident. Speaking my truth. Healed. Aware. Full of love & journeying through mindfulness. Not to mention I feel sexy as hell, fluff and all. I had to learn to love me first and loving me began with wearing my intentions around my waist. It's a daily reminder of the Queen I am, outside of everyone and everything else." - @niita.mimi.malkia

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