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Don't Feed The Feelings

This is really a fill-in-the blank kind of offering. Sometimes food is the thing. In fact, A LOT of the time food is the thing - just because it is so acceptable and accessible. But it could just as easily be drinking alcohol or gossiping or sleeping too much or sleeping too little. It is that thing you are using to avoid you, while desperately wanting a closer, deeper and more obvious relationship with that same you. The question of "How do I get to me, while avoiding me?" is both the dilemma for all ages, and completely impossible, at the very same time.

Deliberately and routinely refraining from eating, or any habitual practice, in order to see your Self more clearly, is a powerful and creative way to advance yourself in this game of life. Refraining brings things up and moves things out with a kind of efficiency that can only come from a Supreme Creator. And if you have already begun to notice some inner resistance to refraining - to being present with your life in this way - the notice of this feeling is a great the first step. This is how spiritual information and opportunity often presents itself; with refusal or resistance. Why not meet it with a plan?

Get a copy of The New FastGirls and read what it is like to deny some part of your pattern in order to grow so much more of your Self. I have lived in this practice for nearly two decades, including everything from food and alcohol to speaking and over engaging the internet. And what I now know and Am, has been of more benefit to me than those things (or anything) ever could have.


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