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Guardian Meditation is a unique transpersonal practice activated by the practitioners' willingness to stay focused on their breathing.

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Guided by Jasai Madden

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Jasai Madden

Jasai specializes in providing spiritual technology and practices that help people tap into their inner power and create harmony and balance in their lives. She is a mindfulness practitioner, spiritual technology expert, Alaiyo Waistbeads founder, and a mother.

Jasai is committed to providing an authentic experience to her community, aims to offer a unique perspective on the progression of each individual's spiritual journey and to help her clients create a positive and meaningful connection to their higher self.

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Add the transformative power of mindful breathing to your morning routine

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Temporarily, monthly memberships will be charged through the Guardian Meditation Patreon. Patreons there will automatically be added to the Subscriber List. Tap the button below to join.

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