Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How are these strands like a waist trainer?

A: The waistbeads physically act as a waist trainer in the sense that they are not elastic and they do not have clasps. This means that your waist can grow no larger than it is when you put them on. And because of the nature of how they behave when we eat, they remind us when we have had enough - immediately. Because of this we are more in tuned with our bodies, respond sooner and eat less. It is a more organic process of mindfulness which lends itself to weight loss.


It is also important to understand and never underestimate the power of energy, intention and attention. When you create intentional constraints - even and especially gentle, affirming constraints - the body and most importantly the mind, comes into energetic compliance with the rules of those constraints. The thing we have to do is make the first step and keep our gentle, compassionate attention on the goal. Having a partner (in this case, me) be in agreement with you in this intention, makes the effect even more powerful.


Q: How long will it take strands to ship?

A: Strands ship after they are manufactured, which is approximately 10 days after order placement. After strands are packaged, they can take up to 10 days to ship. For more information, visit our Shipping + Return Policy page.


Q: Are the waistbeads one size fits all?

A: No. Every strand is made specifically to fit each client. When you place your order you will need to provide your waist size in inches. Standard sizing goes up to 45". Standard Plus strands are an additional $3 per strand.

Because every Alaiyo waistbead ordered online is custom sized to fit, waistbeads are non refundable and cannot be returned for sizing issues.


Q: Can I get my beads even though I'm still losing weight?

A: Absolutely! Lots of women get them for that very reason; to watch and manage the progress on their weight loss journey. When you lose enough weight that there is 3 -5 inches of extra string available for retying, you can simply cut the strand in one side of the knot (making sure to secure the unknotted end with your finger tips, remove the excess beads, even out the beads on the strand and re-tie it.


Q: Do you offer tying services or ceremonies?

A: For clients local to the Los Angeles area, we will facilitate Tying Ceremonies. This is a wonderful way to clear out old energies and plant new energy and intentions before you embark on this journey. It can include a 45 minute reiki treatment or a unique connecting and centering belly massage, tea and tying in a beautiful and peaceful setting. The cost for the tying ceremony is $125. Local clients can also come to the studio by appointment to have a consultation, shop for and have their strands tied. The cost for that is $15. To schedule an appointment, visit the Book Online Page. Booking an appointment does not guarantee you will be seen. Appointments are approved after scheduling and can be terminated or rescheduled for any reason. 


Q: How do I tie my waistbead?

A: What You Will Need:


  1. Clean, dry hands

  2. Sharp Scissors

  3. Container to catch extra beads


Instructions For Placement:


  1. Pour bead strand into your palm

  2. Take one end of strand in each hand (notice that each end has a white fixed anchor bead. DO NOT CUT THIS BEAD UNTIL STRAND IS COMPLETELY TIED IN PLACE)

  3. Bring strand around the back of your body like a belt

  4. Pull on (BUT DO NOT UNTIE) both white anchor beads until they loosen the slipknot and make room for the beads to loosen (They will not slide off)

  5. Place strand on belly/hips at the preferred location

  6. Make sure beads are pushed back from anchor beads so that strand has no gaps

  7. Cross strand to close waist beads around your body

  8. Pull top strand under and through in order to tie first knot (remaining beads should fall toward the anchor knot)

  9. Tie 4-5 knots in order to ensure a secure fit

  10. Cut the anchor beads and let remaining beads fall into your container

Please refer to the video below for an illustrated demo.

Q: What is the significance of the beads and why have you chosen to make and sell them?

A: Waistbead strands are worn for several purposes including adornment, attraction (partner, resource, energy), weight management, body/posture awareness and correction, and energetic shift through intention. 

My focus is on the beads as another tool for mindfulness. They act as a reminder towards presence, which over the last year or more has been of immense comfort and support to me. 

They sit between the second and third chakra in the center of the body. This is where the outward, engaging, creative center and the ego center meet. This is also the space in which we understand and express ourselves in the world and heal our personality. This orbit resonates with an uncommon power when we set intentions and place them there.

Alaiyo strands are all inspired by nature. As a result, they hold a vibration that solicits the manifesting power of the Mother and all of her forces. This vibration helps remind and navigate us towards getting our needs met. Certain colors call forth and support certain energies. I work with women to give voice to the energies they would like to amplify and then create strands that will work with them. The custom beads you see in the photos are all pieces that come from my own inspired creative energy and express animal, vegetable, mineral and cosmic qualities that women can embody to gain confidence and strength at their center. 

I chose to make them because the process presented itself as therapeutic for me. When I began posting them on my personal social media pages, women wanted to buy them and that's how the selling began.