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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have never ordered waistbeads before, how do I begin?
    The color map is a perfect place to begin. This will help you decide which color corresponds to the energy you would like to cultivate within and around you. To view the color map, click the button below
  • Can I send my broken waistbead in for repair?
    Unfortunately Alaiyo does not have an in-house restringing service. We do offer a restringing kit that you can purchase on our website in order to restring them at home. Additionally, we can refer you to Stori who operates a separate service, the cost of which $25/strand + $6 shipping.
  • How long will it take my waistbead strands to ship?
    Strands ship after they are manufactured, which is approximately 10 days after order placement. After strands are packaged, they can take up to 10 to reach clients depending on distance from the studio. For more information, visit our Shipping + Return Policy page.
  • I have to get a medical procedure and I am afraid they will require me to remove my waistbeads. Is there any way I can cut and preserve them? Is there any way I might be able to keep them on?
    You can talk to your doctor about the spiritual significance of your waistbeads and move them up as high as possible. Many clients have gone through surgeries and kept them on as a result of advocating for themselves related to their significance. If you are not prepared or able to do that, you can gently cut them off and purchase a restringing kit in order to put them back on.
  • Are the waistbeads one size fits all?
    No. Every strand is made specifically to fit each client. When you place your order you will need to provide your waist size in inches. Standard sizing goes up to 45". Standard Plus strands are an additional $3 per strand. Because every Alaiyo waistbead ordered online is custom sized to fit, waistbeads are non refundable and cannot be returned for sizing issues.
  • How can I stay up to date on when you will be coming to a city near me?
    Please subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on our social media channels. We are always promoting our travel schedule via these outlets.
  • Can I get my beads even though I'm still losing weight?
    Absolutely! Lots of women get them for that very reason; to watch and manage the progress on their weight loss journey. When you lose enough weight that there is 3 -5 inches of extra string available for retying, you can simply cut the strand on one side of the knot (making sure to secure the unknotted end with your fingertips, remove the excess beads, even out the beads on the strand and re-tie it.
  • Can I order waistbeads online but come into the studio to have them tied on?
    Waistbeads can be purchased online and then picked up in-studio. Please leave a note indicating that you will be picking them up. You will be contacted when the order in complete so that you can schedule an appointment.
  • Is each strand sold individually?
    Yes, each strand is sold individually and will wrap around the waist one time.
  • Where are your waistbeads sourced from?
    Each Alaiyo waistbead is handmade in our studio.
  • Do you offer tying services or ceremonies?
    For clients local to the Los Angeles area, we will facilitate Tying Ceremonies. This is a wonderful way to clear out old energies and plant new energy and intentions before you embark on this journey. It can include a 45 minute reiki treatment or a unique connecting and centering belly massage, tea and tying in a beautiful and peaceful setting. The cost for the tying ceremony is $125. Local clients can also come to our public appointment every Thursday through Sunday to shop for and have their strands tied. Public appointments are free of charge. We also have private appointments available for an additional cost. To schedule an appointment, visit the Book Online Page. Booking an appointment does not guarantee you will be seen. Appointments are approved after scheduling and can be terminated or rescheduled for any reason.
  • Can I wear waistbeads if I am not of African descent?
    It is our position that every person with a waist (including men and children) should have the experience of wearing a waistbead. It is also important that people of non-African descent know and share the origins of this beautiful and useful tool and technology so that the culture behind it does not get lost or redirected.
  • How are these strands like a waist trainer?
    The waistbeads physically act as a waist trainer in the sense that they are not elastic and they do not have clasps. This means that your waist can grow no larger than it is when you put them on. And because of the nature of how they behave when we eat, they remind us when we have had enough - immediately. Because of this we are more in tune with our bodies, respond sooner and eat less. It is a more organic process of mindfulness which lends itself to weight loss. It is also important to understand and never underestimate the power of energy, intention and attention. When you create intentional constraints - even and especially gentle, affirming constraints - the body and most importantly the mind, comes into energetic compliance with the rules of those constraints. The thing we have to do is make the first step and keep our gentle, compassionate attention on the goal. Having a partner be in agreement with you in this intention, makes the effect even more powerful.
  • Are your waistbeads removable or tie-on?
    All Alaiyo waistbeads are traditionally made which means they are non-elastic, permanent tie-on strands.
  • Where can I learn more about the creators of Alaiyo?
    To learn more about the team behind Alaiyo, visit The Team page. To view The Women Behind the Waistbeads web series exploring the life and journeys of Jasai and Stori, tap the image below.
  • Do you ever have coupons or sales available?
    We do not have coupons available. Our annual sale takes place the Friday after Thanksgiving and runs through Cyber Monday.
Tying Tutorial

Tying Tutorial

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