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Free to vs. Free from

One of the most important tools in the process of awakening is the ability to speak life and shift into yourself and circumstance. The words you say matter. The way you use breath and sound to create experience, matters. And while it might sound easy to do, if you have lived longer than a few years or have ever had the privilege of someone mirroring back to you your speech, you know that to speak the thing you want to be true, as supposed to the thing that seems to be true - or the thing that is programmed as true - is as difficult as letting go and giving in to birth. Not only is it a tough negotiation, it can also be painful and so many unexpected kinds of frightening.  

But The Word is life. The things we choose to say (understanding that every single word is a choice) are the building blocks we use to construct our days, relationships and dreams. The ability to master our words and frame our story is not something that can be relegated to a time and space where we feel good, or healthy or passionate or fearless. The regulation of our speech must happen precisely in the middle of our storms because it in the exact magic we need in order to navigate through. “Free to” is an opening. It is wide and wondrous. It has opportunity sewn into its seams. “Free to” prepares our wings for flight and trains our eyes in the direction of the horizon. This is the thing we say when we know we can win, when we know we have already won. It sits lightly in our bellies and alights in the way that all freedom signals do when it is time for us to make beneficial moves. “Free To” is a power perspective with the ability to create, support rest, lift spirits and facilitate growth. “Free from” catapults us backward. It makes us remember times, things, people and even our own behaviors which may have wrung us out or flung us into the depths. The words themselves make us walk backwards and give just a bit more energy to things we would do well to let fade. So the choice seems simple even as the movement takes mindfulness; to say ONLY the things we wish to see, experience, make. To give language and voice and power only to the versions of ourselves and others that we want to experience. While never ignoring reality, we can use speech to manifest versions of this life like nothing we have ever seen. 

In love + magic,


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