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The Waistbead As Witness

Women often write to me and ask about the point or purpose of waistbeads. As an ancient holistic tool for healing, the answer to that question is as varied as the people asking it. Because of this I am always grateful to read reflections from the women who wear them. The following is from one of our Michigan Tied Tribe members; an account of how her waistbead keeps her present to her emotional life and reaffirms the power of this practice for staying awake in our bodies and allowing us to course-correct should we find ourselves going astray.  

January 22, 2018 07:03pm 

"I woke up today wanting to cut off the waistbead. It has been on me a little over 2 weeks. I opened my eyes to the feeling of being unsettled and unwell. I knew that if I wanted to I could just cut it off. I thought about how it might feel. I imagined grabbing the scissors and snipping the strand and all of the beads falling to the floor. I saw an image of me without the waistbead. I thought of the Tied Tribe Facebook community I share in and how I could just fade into obscurity and nothing truly bad would happen, except I enjoy belonging to it. So I decided that for now, the waistbead stays.

Now that I am further along in my day, I see how emotionally full I am; in the span of one week there has been the arrival of my nephew, and a memorial for a deceased colleague. I am wondering how much have I allowed my feelings on these things; where am I placing them as they are happening and am I taking time for me. To look honestly at what I am doing, I have been bingeing on food, trying to ground and stuff-down and soothe. On the plus side I have been spending time with loved ones and friends, yet also holding in feelings about them and what they say and do. I find that for as peaceful and accepting as I have become, I still do not get to skip  the messy business of feeling like someone is being selfish, cringing inside about someone's tone, or experiencing fear around things like money and sex.  

To help me deal this week I take a bath.I do my moon workbook. I dance. I listen to a meditation. I hold the space at a friend's house for meditation and healing. My friend even does impromptu hands-on healing for me and we create collaged boxes that capture our intentions and desires.  

I am taking on the task of respecting the suffering that cannot be conquered by puny humans, other than through maintaining the truth of one's soul. Maybe the best I can do right now is nurture my growing belief that healing is always available. 

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