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A Summer Love Story

Hey Love! I pray all is well. I wanted to let you know I delivered Friday via c-section. As a repeat high risk pregnancy, we prepared for a lot of complications, but let me tell you how good God is....I suffered zero complications. I delivered the biggest baby I've ever carried and despite him passing stool into the amniotic fluid during delivery (which can be fatal for babies) He was in perfect health! I purchased Bark, Leaves and Branches and put it on 30 days before he was born; something told me to do that from the very beginning. I know that these beads kept my space for him healthy and protected. The nurses were sad to have to cut them as they were a risk for surgery, but they saved them for me.

I welcomed my son Shai after an emotional pregnancy filled with lots of uncertainty. I struggled so much that I even considered adoption because Shai's father left the day I told him I was pregnant. It's been a long hard road but I just kept praying and my prayers were heard. I never felt worried about him. I always felt he was healthy and growing and even though I was so sad, he is so sweet. 💚

I thank you, truly thank you for your energy. I have my eye on two of your beads and pray I can order them for myself soon. I know I need the positive energy as well. God bless and keep you! Summer and Shai

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