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Top 10 Questions about Waist Beads and Waist Bead Technology answered by Alaiyo Waist Beads

Waist Beads, or African Waist Beads from Alaiyo are more than pretty pieces of jewelry. These handmade beaded strands are a waist bead technology that help the wearer develop self awareness, including mindfulness of actions and thinking. Alaiyo Waist Beads also support the manifestation of intentions, whatever they might be for each person. Every Alaiyo waist bead strand is created using an insightful yet studied knowledge of the energy of chakras - particularly as they correspond to color. Alaiyo Waist Bead technology is a tool to empower each wearer on their journey to embody a grounded confidence and inner strength. Each color represents a particular energy and the purpose of this blog post is to answer the top 10 questions that Alaiyo waist bead wearers and potential waist bead wearers are asking.

Question 1: What are Waist Beads and what purpose do they serve?

Waist beads are a conventional piece of African jewelry made of tiny glass seed beads. Beads are strung onto various types of string or wire and worn around the waist or hips. Waist beads - or sometimes referred to as African Belly Beads - can be found in various colors and shapes and might also consist of decorative stones, crystals, or charms.

Waist beads have been worn for centuries by women in West African cultures and in more recent years they have acquired appeal amongst people in the West; particularly women. They are sometimes described as stubborn belly beads, waistline beads, or beaded waist chains.

In Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal and other West African countries, waist beads are a sign of womanhood, fertility, sensuality, and spiritual wellness. Today, in both Africa and the United States, women and men use waist beads for visual and practical functions.

Alaiyo waist beads are crafted with non-stretch material. This means that over time they will not become misshapen or change length. Alaiyo waist beads are also tied permanently onto the body until the wearer decides to cut them. As a result, strand(s) will fall lower on the hips when the wearer loses weight and rise up the belly if the wearer gains weight. In addition to the weight tracking benefits of wearing waist beads, people who wear them report feeling sexier and more empowered in their bodies.

Question 2: What do waist beads do and how do waist beads work?

Waist Bead strands are used for several purposes including adornment, attraction (partner, resource, energy), weight management, body/posture awareness and correction and energetic shift, using the practice of focused intention and attention.

Waist Bead wearing at Alaiyo is an ancient practice revived for the modern person. Alaiyo Waist Beads are more than just jewelry for the body.They are both a tool and technology used in order to practice mindfulness. When wearing Alaiyo Waist Beads you will get immediate, real time signals from your body. And If you have ever wanted a way to know when you are losing or gaining weight, this adornment offers immediate feedback which allows you to adjust your choices and behaviors accordingly.

When you purchase one or more strands of waist beads from Alaiyo they will serve the purpose of bringing your attention inward. The mindfulness created by wearing this waist bead technology will help you gain clarity, courage and momentum for whatever your intentions are because you are reminded of and supported in them daily.

Question 3: How long can I wear waist beads?

At Alaiyo, all waist bead strands are permanently tied on. This means you wear them 7 days a week, 365 days per year. In the event that you want to remove them they would have to be cut off. Alaiyo Waist Bead Technology is a great way to stay continually present in your body and maintain mindfulness around both weight and energy.

Question 4: How do I practice mindful eating by wearing waist beads and lose weight?

If you are practicing mindful waist bead wearing in order to lose weight you will want to tie at least one strand 1 - 2 inches above the navel. This is the placement that will give you the fastest feedback signal in terms of how full your body is becoming while eating. Once you have successfully tied your waist beads you will notice that the strands drop lower on your body when you begin to lose weight and rise higher if you begin to gain weight. Because being full happens faster in your belly than your brain, you will get a much more timely and beneficial response when waist beads are present and placed properly.

Question 5: What size waist beads should I get?

Alaiyo Waist Beads are custom made for each order. To determine the correct size for your waist use a tape measure to measure at or slightly above the navel. If you are not using them for purposes of tracking weight you can measure wherever you would like the waist beads to live. If you choose more than one strand you can provide a different length for each. This will allow for a layered look on your belly. Waistbeads can be ordered in any length at Alaiyo. Lengths 0-45 are considered standard while 45+ comes with a slightly added cost.

Question 6: How to tie waist beads?

We have created a video as well as written instructions which will help you tie your new strands with as much ease as possible. Before you begin, make sure that your hands are clean and dry. You will also need scissors that are sharp and a container to put any extra beads that you may have after your strand is tied.

Placement Instructions:

  1. Pull the waist bead from its packaging and have it in hand.

  2. Take one end of the strand in each hand (notice that each end has a white fixed anchor bead. DON’T CUT ANY ANCHOR BEADS UNTIL YOU FINISH TYING THE STRAND IN PLACE)

  3. Bring the strand around your body from the back as if you are putting on a belt.

  4. Pull on (BUT DO NOT UNTIE) both white anchor beads until they loosen the slipknot which will make room for the beads to loosen (with the anchor bead in place, the beads will not slide off). Make sure the anchor bead it not inside the loop when you pull it.

  5. Place the strand at the preferred location on your waist or hips.

  6. Make sure all of the beads are pushed back from anchor beads so that the strand has no gaps

  7. Cross the two strands - as in the beginning of tying a knot - to close the waist bead around your body.

  8. Fold the top strand under and through in order to tie the first knot (remaining beads should fall toward the anchor bead)

  9. Tie 6-8 knots in order to ensure a secure fit

  10. Cut the excess string just below the group of knots and allow and remaining beads to fall into your container

Please refer to the video below for a visual demo.

Question 7: How to Wear Waist Beads?

You can wear waist beads over or underneath your clothing. This choice is completely personal and left up to each individual.

Question 8: How to use waist beads?

Alaiyo encourages all wearers of waist beads and those who are considering it, to use them as a technology which allows you to be more present in your body. In nearly every country and community around the globe, it is easier than ever before to become so involved in and overwhelmed by the events and people around us that we often neglect ourselves and attend poorly to our most basic needs. As a remedy, waist bead wearing has become a radical act of self care that your body will thank you for every day. You will grow in confidence, clarity, and understanding of yourself and the world around you.

Question 9: Where can I buy waist beads/Where to get African waist beads/Where to buy waist beads?

You can purchase waist beads here at click this link to shop our collection of Waist Beads strands whose colors and designs will help support you in setting and then realizing your specific intentions. Whether you are looking for peace, clarity, abundance, love or any number of other things, please visit our color map and browse our waist bead collection to find the colors and designs that match your intentions.

Question 10: What are waist beads color meaning?

Particular colors call forth and support particular energies. Our color map can serve as a guide and help you understand how colors vibrate related to particular energies. Taking time to read through the color chart will also help you select the waist bead strands that are right for you. The strand designs that you will find in our catalog are all pieces that come from our Chief Designer’s own inspired creative energy and express animal, vegetable, mineral and cosmic qualities that the wearer can embody to acquire self-confidence and strength at their center. You can delve deeper into the significance of each color by visiting our Alaiyo Color Map then browse the waist bead strands that match those colors and intentions.

Here at Alaiyo our focus is on the beads as another tool and technology for mindfulness. They act as a reminder to be present, which is a tremendous convenience and support. We began to make waist bead strands because the process presented itself as therapeutic and we enjoy supporting women as they begin to gain a more heightened awareness and engage in greater levels of self care.


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