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Friendship. Family. Waistbead Tribe.

This weekend was one for the books! Up early and into bed way too late, I relished in the presence of so much life magic.  I met or saw again so many brightly lit, beautifully open women. Those who have totally changed their lives using the power of mindfulness and waistbead wearing and those that believe beyond any doubt that they can and will. 

I met women with unshakable faith in nature's magical wisdom and women who are taking the magic that they know themselves to be and sharing it with anyone who has need and a willingness to listen. I met young women who will change the world simply by diving into their own inner space as well as women on the second and third phases of their blooming; divine sparks of information and inspiration. 

Every one of these souls is poised to create enough shift in herself to alter the foundation of her world. And for it, everyone in her orbit will be blessed. I am honored. I am humbled. I am giddy that this is my reality, that this is my life, that this is what friendship, family and tribe looks like for me. 


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