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Waist Bead Tying Ceremonies in This Season Of Shift

There are things and people that we started this year off with that no longer serve us as well as insights and inspirations that have taken hold of us and won't let go. As we enter into this collective season of reflection, consider whether ceremony for the rising and falling is in order. 

For clients local to the Los Angeles area, Alaiyo will facilitate group and individual tying ceremonies. A container into which you can place all of your intentions. A space where there is witness and affirmation for the things you hold sacred as well as agreement and support for the things you wish to release. 

A tying ceremony is a wonderful way to clear out old energies and plant new energy and intentions before you embark on any new journey. It can include a 45 minute reiki treatment or a unique connecting and centering belly massage, tea and tying in a beautiful and peaceful setting.

If this is something that you or someone you know would be interested in exploring, please feel free to send us a quick message of Interest. We look forward to holding the space with you. 


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