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Real Women. Real Magic. A Waist Bead Wearing Testimony

We receive testimonies about the power of waist bead wearing regularly. These stories from women who are looking to lose weight, achieve greater focus or be more present and confident in their bodies and with their sexuality, are all reasons for us to celebrate and keep at this work. But there is a special kind of glee that is born when we get the chance to see a version of so much amazing progress and inspiration with our own eyes. Gratitude and congratulations to our client and friend Chanel for saying yes to the work of coming to her own rescue. To showing up for the committed challenge of being fully in her body with all of the frustration and fear that can sometimes surface. We see you and appreciate you for being a bright light and a willing soul. You and your journey are an inspiration to us and this work we do.

Read Chanel's mindful waist bead wearing testimony:

"I have been wearing my mindful waist beads since late April early May of 2016 and I absolutely adore them. Mentally and spiritually I am evolving and metamorphosing daily. My growth has been witnessed by those who are close to me. My confidence to set goals and achieve them has magnified ten fold. I also started toning and losing weight, and I have lost about 5 inches off of my waist! I have purchased new strands because my older waist beads had become "hip" beads. I was overjoyed by the fact that I was able to re-tie them to make them smaller. That act alone was such an epic moment for me. There is definitely magic happening over here. Jasai thank you for allowing your light to shine."

Mirror mirror, Chanel. Mirror mirror. 💚

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