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The Beauty and Benefit of Reflection

Try to collect a glass of blue water from the ocean. Try it with a two ounce glass or a 200 ounce bucket; it will always and only be clear. Because the sky matters. It is there offering you some significant piece of a beautiful puzzle, whether you ever look up to acknowledge it or not. Our deep appreciation for the ocean and all of the ways it impacts us has everything to do with its relationship to the sky. It is the same with us. What is reflected - every thing, experience and person we encounter - is an integral and indispensable part of our journey, and on this earth plane, everything in our experience field is reflective of us. These are often aspects of ourselves that are more easily recognized by our looking outward than looking in. As you make your way today, pay a more deliberate kind of attention to the things, experiences and people you encounter. Notice what draws you and what repels you. Notice what you embrace and what you resist and then ask yourself, "What part of this is me?" This looking creates a deep compassion for self and others as well as and an invaluable clarity that brings us endless opportunity to witness, shift and grow.

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