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Why waistbeads? What's the purpose?

A lovely client asked the following questions about the significance of bead wearing and why and how I began offering them to women. I hope the answers are also helpful to some of you: Q: What is the significance of the beads and why have you chosen to make and sell them? A: Waistbead strands are worn for several purposes including adornment, attraction (partner, resource, energy), weight management, body/posture awareness and correction, and energetic shift through intention. My focus is on the beads as another tool for mindfulness. They act as a reminder towards presence, which over the last year or more has been of immense comfort and support to me. They sit between the second and third chakra in the center of the body. This is where the outward, engaging, creative center and the ego center meet. This is also the space in which we understand and express ourselves in the world and heal our personality. This orbit resonates with an uncommon power when we set intentions and place them there. Alaiyo strands are all inspired by nature. As a result, they hold a vibration that solicits the manifesting power of the Mother and all of her forces. This vibration helps remind and navigate us towards getting our needs met. Certain colors call forth and support certain energies. I work with women to give voice to the energies they would like to amplify and then create strands that will work with them. The custom beads you see in the photos are all pieces that come from my own inspired creative energy and express animal, vegetable, mineral and cosmic qualities that women can embody to gain confidence and strength at their center. I chose to make them because the process presented itself as therapeutic for me. When I began posting them on my personal social media pages, women wanted to buy them and that's how the selling began.

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