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The Wisdom Of Tilling

The Wisdom Of Tilling

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“To till soil means to turn over the tough surface area of the ground. This is done so that new seeds can be planted and heathy, strong crops have space to take root and grow. Tilling softens, makes ready, makes rich space for a new phase of becoming. And when the soil of our Being demonstrates the need, to implement this practice via paying attention to our breathing, is wise.” - Jasai


To Till. To pull things up. To turn things over. To integrate. To prepare. To soften. To aerate.


Strand Features:


Brown is grounding energy. Earth energy. This is the energy of focus, fortitude and stability.


TURQUOISE vibrates the energy of wisdom. One of the oldest and most widely used stones in the context of both daily living and spiritual practice, turquoise offers the energy of healing, acceptance, forgiveness and protection. It can amplify the energy of repair for both spiritual and physical immune systems and support the assimilation of nutrients in the physical body and experiences in the spiritual body.


Stripped black and white glass accent beads represent balance and opposite poles and remind us of the value of every kind of experience.


Gold is the Voice Of The Creator: Always present. Always listening. Always providing direction.

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