Softly, Deeply, Sweetly

Softly, Deeply, Sweetly

This is how I will love you; softly, deeply, sweetly, with my heart open even if my mind sometimes wants to close. - Jasai

ROSE QUARTZ is a stone that opens the heart chakra to all forms of unconditional love: self-love, family love, platonic love, and romantic love. The high energy of quartz gives it the property of enhancing love in virtually any situation. Bringing love in to life and daily situations not only brings inner warmth, but it also lowers stress and soothes those around it.
  • Tying Instructions

    | What You Will Need |


    1. Clean, dry hands
    2. Sharp Scissors
    3. Container to catch extra beads


    | Instructions For Placement |


    1. Pour bead strand into your palm
    2. Take one end of strand in each hand (notice that each end has a white fixed anchor bead. DO NOT CUT THIS BEAD UNTIL STRAND IS COMPLETELY TIED IN PLACE)
    3. Bring strand around the back of your body like a belt
    4. Pull on (BUT DO NOT UNTIE) both white anchor beads until they loosen the slipknot and make room for the beads to loosen (They will not slide off)
    5. Place strand on belly/hips at the preferred location
    6. Make sure beads are pushed back from anchor beads so that strand has no gaps
    7. Cross strand to close waist beads around your body
    8. Pull top strand under and through in order to tie first knot (remaining beads should fall toward the anchor knot)
    9. Tie 4-5 knots in order to ensure a secure fit
    10. Cut the anchor beads and let remaining beads fall into your container
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