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Rhodochrosite, Rutile Quartz and Jet

Rhodochrosite, Rutile Quartz and Jet


Rhodochrosite/ Rutile Quartz/ Jet:

Rhodochrosite represents selfless love and compassion. Rhodochrosite guides the heart in bringing up painful and repressed feelings to your consciousness. While also teaching the heart to not shut down when those feelings are difficult to feel. Beneficial in healing wounds in the heart created by sexual abuse. It brings the wearer closer to divine truth about themselves and others without avoiding what is. Rhodochrosite teaches the wearer to move through life’s experiences with loving awareness and aids them in seeing things through a positive lens rather than a negative one. This crystal also improves self-love, self-worth, brings light energy into life.


Rutile Quartz aids in vibrational healing. It promotes spiritual growth and helps to access spiritual guidance. Rutile Quartz dispels negative energy and breaks down our internal barriers by letting go of the past allowing for spiritual progress and divine forgiveness. Rutile Quartz is often used to relive fears, phobias, anxiety, and self-hatred; reaching the root of the problem and aiding in transitions and change of direction for the wearer.


Jet draws out negative energy and alleviates irrational fear. This gemstone provides protection on the wearers spiritual journey, while also promoting taking control of your life. Jet balances mood swings and lessens the affects of depression, by inviting stability and balance.


Gold has a representation of material wealth, but on the spiritual side gold holds space for the representation of the most divine, or the creator; God. Gold aligns the test and hardships in life with the purity and value in gold, removing material obsession and replacing it with the drive to seek out spiritual perfection that is as pure as gold.

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