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“To any leaving person or thing; may the fire of your departure be fueled by compassion and peace ” - jasai

Strand Features: 

PIETERSITE supports the energy of change and the creation of change in ones life.  Working with this crystal allows you to visualize beyond the present to both glimpse and support the larger picture of your life. Pietersite is a crystal that aids in shamanic journeying, and encourages an understanding of our spiritual nature. It unites the third eye and solar plexus which supports the expansion of our life experience via the activation of our insights and imagination.

RHODOCHROSITE is stone of unconditional love, comfort and inner peace; an object of joy and healing, specifically as it relates to emotional healing. Rhodochrosite is a stone that clears the solar plexus where we tend to record and store unresolved issues. It empowers you to re-examine old wounds, feelings, and traumas and view them with a new and compassionate lens.

Gold is the Voice Of The Creator: Always present. Always listening. Always providing direction.
  • Tying Instructions

    Wondering how to tie your strand? Visit here for full instructions.

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It takes approximately 10 days to manufacture each order. Please keep this in mind when calculating the arrival time of your strand(s). Every waistbead is beautifully crafted by hand just for you!

All online orders are non-refundable as they are custom sized to fit each client.
 For additional order policies and information, visit the Shipping + Return Policy page.

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