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 Alaiyo strands are inspired by nature; expressing animal, vegetable, mineral and cosmic qualities. Each strand holds within it vibrations which solicit the manifesting power of the Great Mother. These vibrations help remind and navigate us towards getting our needs met. When placed at the solar plexus, the strands assist us on our journey to embody confidence and strength from the place where our outward, engaging, creativity and ego meet. This orbit of our belly center resonates with an uncommon power when we set intentions and tie them there. Learn more about the chakras and how colors influence the effectiveness of your beads HERE



Welcome to the waistbead color guide! Click on a chakra point to learn more its function, and the affect its color has on the healing properties of your beads.




The crown chakra is the seat of illumination, godliness, and spiritual enlightenment. The polar end to root chakra, which is responsible for physical energy and well-being, the crown chakra is responsible for spiritual energy. A balanced crown chakra allows for ever-present access to all layers of time and levels of perception. It centers us in the awareness of our eternal bloom and undifferentiated connection to all circumstances and beings.


Imbalances at the crown chakra can cause one to experience depression, confusion and lack of empathy. Materialism, extreme identification with forms and elitism are also indications that the crown chakra is out of balance. 

Click here to view violet crown chakra healing waistbeads


Energetic Signature: AWARENESS/INTUITION


Because reality is created by thought, a balanced third eye chakra is a critical space to give our energy and attention. The ajna chakra is the center at which we will have come up through ourselves to meet ourselves again with new understanding. The center of intuition, psychic abilities, wisdom, and imagination, it is the place from which we experience deep contemplation and insight as well as cultivate and activate spiritual discernment.


Imbalances at the third eye center can cause one to be unable to trust their own intuition and as a result, act illogically, often out of fear and without thinking. Thoughts often race and lots of planning in the head happens with no execution on the ground.

Click here to view purple brow chakra healing waistbeads


Energetic Signature: EXPRESSION/LIFE SPEAK


The throat chakra filters expression and allows us to bring our inner experiences and dreams outward through speech. The energy of this center acts much like the sea, allowing flow and discovery in that flow. We are able to clarify our intentions which also grounds us more securely in our discipline and devotion. There is a natural authority that lives in the space of a balanced throat chakra.


Imbalances in the throat chakra can cause one to be unable to speak their truth or hold back in making their needs and desires clear. The inability to realize one's dreams or move with clear purpose is also the effect of an imbalanced 5th chakra.

Click here to view blue throat chakra healing waistbeads


Energetic Signature: CONNECTION/GROWTH


The heart chakra is the fountain of abundance in all areas; allowing for new growth, connection, compassion and love. It is also the filter between the lower and upper energetic centers; dispatcher of physical, emotional, and intellectual information, creating sync and balance in our minds, bodies and energetic fields.


Imbalances in the heart chakra can cause one to feel unloved, unworthy and unappreciated, and this will manifest in the world around you, only confirming these “beliefs”. Love is wholly conditional when there is imbalance in this center. “I will only love you if you are this way….” One is also more likely to be a people pleaser when there is imbalance in this 4th center.

Click here to view green heart chakra healing waistbeads


Energetic Signature: PERSONAL POWER SOURCE

The solar plexus is the location of our personal power, projection, and joy. It is our personal centralized sun force; feeding, sustaining, teaching and magnifying us. What we submit for contemplation is amplified by the solar plexus chakra.

​Imbalances in the solar plexus chakra present as tendency to be judgmental, easily finding fault in self and others. One may be demanding, very rigid or stubborn, angry or aggressive. Speech and actions will be in-congruent and approval seeking coupled with inconsolable doubt and mistrust can lead to the need for unhealthy dependence on others.

Click here to view yellow solar plexus chakra healing waistbeads


Energetic Signature: CREATE/CONJUGATE


Our sacral chakra is the place where we become present in and to our bodies and play easily with exploration. We embrace polarities in this space; learn the dance of intimate creation and sew the seeds of unity.


Imbalances in the sacral chakra present as challenges with emotional and intimacy issues. Feelings of shame, guilt or emotional pain are also a result. Emotional instability, sexual dysfunction and addictions can also be resultant from imbalance in this energy center.

Click here to view orange sacral chakra healing waistbeads


Energetic Signature: FUEL

Red strands are ideal for cultivating energies of perseverance, release, stability, action, trust, confidence, and sharp perception


Imbalances in the root chakra present as fear, stagnancy, instability, lust, manipulation, obsession, disconnection, mistrust, controlling behavior, the tendency to be destructive in word and deed; towards self and others.

Click here to view red root chakra healing waistbeads

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