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Tied Tribes is a new Alaiyo sponsored education and support space for women who are working out, being mindful of their diet and looking to lose weight or keep from adding pounds using the ancient technology of waist bead wearing. Waistbeads are a tool that not only track and measures progress in real time but also provide the experience of feeling beautiful and present in our bodies at every stage.


Tied Tribe groups with 10 or more members will receive special group discounts as well as be invited to engage in bi-monthly Facebook live conversations around Mindfulness and the Art of Waistbead Wearing for holistic health and healing. It is also our hope that tribe members will get together in real time to workout, grab a meal and become a source of support outside of the social media space.


All tribes are organized in either open or closed facebook groups, to which the facilitator will add/accept members including Alaiyo founder, Jasai. We are looking for tribe members to post before and in-process photos so that we can see and celebrate their progress. For her effort, the facilitator will also receive a percentage of all sales that come from her tribe members in credit towards her own strands.


If this is an opportunity and experience that interests you, please sign up below to recieve details on how to start a tribe in your area. We are excited to begin the New Year with a collective focus on community, mindfulness, health and wellness. 


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