Holy Cartography

Holy Cartography

Love peace and let it be, this is the pathway to freedom.Design Details: AMETHYST is a meditative and calming stone which works in the emotional, spiritual, and physical planes to promote calm, balance, and peace. It is also used to eliminate impatience. In the psychic and spiritual realms, amethyst is an all-purpose stone that can increase spirituality and enhance intuition and psychic powers of all kinds. ROSE QUARTZ opens the heart chakra to all forms of unconditional love: self-love, familial, platonic and romantic love. The high vibrational frequency of quartz gives it the property of enhancing love in virtually any situation. Bringing love energy into daily life not only brings inner warmth and peace to the one working with quartz but it also lowers stress and soothes those around them.PICTURE JASPER is a stone highly attuned to the Earth’s electromagnetic fields and energy systems. A stone of tranquility, its energy unifies the many aspects of life by balancing yin and yang. Picture (or Impression) jasper absorbs negative energy, aligns body, mind, spirit, and is also useful for shamanic travel.During meditation it provides the ability to merge with the consciousness of Earth and allow for access to the vast records stored within the planet’s mineral data base. It can also used to view the world’s history and connect with the energy of sacred sites and ancient civilizations.
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It takes approximately 10 days to manufacture each order. Please keep this in mind when calculating the arrival time of your strand(s). Every waistbead is beautifully crafted by hand just for you!

All online orders are non-refundable as they are custom sized to fit each client. For additional policies and questions, visit the FAQ page.

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